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5 Reasons Why You Should Set Achievable Goals For Your Business

Just about everyone has tried at somepoint in their lives to set themselves a goal. We are all trying to aim for something meaningful. Similarly, in terms of business and entrepreneurship, resolutions in the form of achievable goal setting can be powerful tools to help us focus on achieving what we want from our business.

Concise, actionable and attainable goals are the hallmark of success for entrepreneurs and especially entrepreneurs who are looking to polish up their business start up skills.  


Why set goals?

Being successful in business as an entrepreneur,  you must build solid foundations by first defining your business goals – but goals that are realistic. You may have taken extensive business training, but if that is not complemented by realistic and attainable goals, then you’re not really forging a clear roadmap to success.


Setting smart goals

On the subject of goal setting, the SMART system gets the job done – that is, defining goals in the following way:

S – Specific: Your goals are highly specific and defined according to what you want to achieve

M – Measurable: Frame your goals so that progress can be measured easily

A – Achievable: Chalk out goals that are attainable and can be ‘reasonably’ achieved.

R – Realistic: Goals need to be realistic in the sense that they can be achieved but not at the expense of other aspects such as painfully long hours or being too tough on employees.

T – Timed: Have a set point in time at which success can be measured before moving on to the next goal. 

Courses for entrepreneurs will usually mention the SMART system at some point, and with good reason. 


Now let’s kick things up a notch as we discuss 5 reasons why you absolutely should set achievable goals:


1. Helps you believe in yourself

“I think you can have it all. You just have to know it's going to work”

– Tory Burch, CEO, Tory Burch LLC


There are many countless examples of businesswomen making it big because they – you guessed it – never stopped believing in themselves. Know that you can do it, and you will.  Never be afraid to further your knowledge by getting a business mentor, learning from others at networking events and through self study - with courses for business owners.


2. Puts you in control of your destiny

Entrepreneurs, of all people, must have a burning desire to control their destiny. In fact, a desire to control one’s own destiny is among the top reasons why many male and especially female entrepreneurs are motivated to start a business.


3. Sharpens focus

One of the best ways to improve your business skills is to take online courses for entrepreneurs as well as taking the opportunity to get some support through expert coaching for business owners. This will not only give you keen insights into how to achieve success early on but also get you into that mode where you can sharpen your focus to achieve more goals.


4. Maximises performance and results

You can take all the entrepreneur business training workshops in the world but unless you have set realistic and achievable goals, you’re not going to be able to unleash maximum performance and see the results you’re after.


5. Motivates you and creates accountability

When you know what you’re aiming for, you are motivated to do what it takes but you also create your own system of accountability.  This will help you measure results in a concrete way.

With the right entrepreneur training and achievable goal setting, there really are now limits to what you can achieve.





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