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6 Signs You Should Invest In “Upskilling” Your Team

Are you wondering if it’s time to upskill your team? Is it going to be a good investment? Will you have the time to do it – more importantly, will it really be worth it once it’s all said and done? The answer is “absolutely” to all of the above!

Here are 6 telltale signs that it’s time to invest in a little team upskilling:


1. Stale skillbase

There may be many situations where your team members may lack the basic skills required to, say, operate a specific kind of machinery or carry out certain routine tasks. If they’re struggling to carry out tasks, which are, in turn, compromising their role – you need to upskill them.

An upskilled team is better motivated and geared for success.


2. Job roles rely on old-fashioned functional skills

Are there roles like Fax Machine Operator or Printing Paper Coordinator in your team? Oh dear... Let’s do away with the old-fashioned and obsolete roles.

Take your marketing team, for instance – do you have a content marketer? an influencer co-ordinator?  unless you have relevant and modern roles like content manager or digital marketing executive – then you know it’s time to upskill.


3. Feedback from other functions have identified skill gaps

If there are skill gaps between teams from different departments, you better be on your toes and identify them before they do!

Some companies fall in the trap of hiring external candidates to fill these skill gaps. However, what you should do is have the more experienced team members take the lesser experienced ones under their wing – to shorten this gap and effectively bring everyone on the same page. You can also invest in some great online courses to help fill those skill gaps.


4. Technology changes

Rapid changes in technology might mean that some of your team members may not be able to keep up and become complacent as a result.

Ask yourself if your team is as IT-iterative or tech savvy as they possibly can be, given current times. Therefore, move with the times, embrace technology and ensure that each team member is nicely upskilled.


5. Lack of innovation and great ideas

If you’re team is simply chugging along for the ride and only performing routine tasks when you ask them to, then there’s a lack of great ideas and innovation.

You need to inject new talent and skills into your team and upskill their knowhow as well as capabilities. Fresh and creative thinking can only come from staying relevant, up to date, and bringing outside knowledge into the business.


6. Team shuffle

If you’re finding it difficult to make good use of your staff members in their current role and have to shuffle members between departments every now and then – then it’s high time for some upskilling.

It’s only normal and, in fact, inevitable that over time team members change and move to newer job functions. As a result capability gaps tend to crop up. What you need to do is regularly review your team competencies and close in gaps with great training.

Once you have identified any or all of these telltale signs – you know for sure that it’s time to upskill your esteemed team. 




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