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7 Ways To Completely Revamp Your Marketing Skills

A marketer’s job is never truly ‘finished’. There are always more avenues to explore, more promotional content to create and advertise, more ways to generate leads, etc. It’s a very busy career and staying relevant is everything.


Staying ‘relevant’ in today’s modern world essential for Marketers

One of the quickest ways to stagnate in the marketing industry is by failing to keep up with current trends. There’s always more you can do to hone your strategy and sharpen your skills.

Maintaining your marketing repertoire in today’s modern world is essential to staying competitive and enjoying a rewarding career. Here are 7 ways to revamp your marketing skills set:


Sophisticated blogging skills

It isn’t exactly surprising to know that 70% of marketers harness the power of blogs to distribute content which is significantly more marketable.

Blogging frequently creates increased traffic and companies that publish 15 blog posts or more a month get nearly 3.5 times more traffic than those that publish only 2-4 blogs a month. Furthermore, you should develop important skills in terms of content originality, copywriting and creativity.

There are many social media courses and marketing courses that can help you achieve that.


Lead with a content marketing strategy

Businesses in all industries give preference to marketers who have the ability to create original, engaging and creative content. In fact, 86% of successful marketers use a streamlined content marketing strategy as part of their regular arsenal.

You need to assess your content marketing expertise in a mature and sophisticated way, developing skills such as web analytics, digital project management and content management. Get the right social media training and learn digital marketing the proper way – you’re well on your way.


Create brand energy with video production

Did you know that 76% of all seasoned marketers produce videos as part of their day-to-day marketing efforts?

Animations, interviews and other storytelling-based videos appeal to audiences in a highly dynamic way. Creating positive brand energy through video is critical because over 90% of Gen Z uses YouTube regularly while 50% have claimed that they absolutely cannot live without it.

Work on your content curation, animation and video editing skills – and in the meantime learn digital marketing from experts with several decades of experience to gain a competitive edge.  


Use your data analytics

Over 80% of marketers use analytics as part of their marketing campaigns. However, many marketers are reluctant to embrace the use of data analytics because it is the second most challenging skill set to develop in marketing.

Work on your data visualisation, data mining and statistical analysis skills and take a few marketing courses to bring your data analytical skills up to speed.


Embrace user experience and split testing outcomes

User experience analytics can help shed a great deal of light on customer behaviour and preferences. This can help marketers design websites and apps in a way that boosts customer retention and sales.

Learn digital marketing from the experts and understand how research, behavioural insight into customers and coding is properly done in this regard.


SEO isn't dead

Despite all the newest and greatest marketing skills that are taught through a variety of marketing courses and social media courses, the tried and true tradition of optimising all your content for search engine friendliness isn’t dead.

Take your SEO seriously – it still matters. 


Mobile marketing, push notifications and mobile design

People are always on their phones – seize the opportunity to work on your mobile marketing strategy, adding push notifications and working on your mobile marketing design according to what your audience is accustomed to. You can learn more about this through social media training workshops.

There you have it! The perfect ways to completely revamp your marketing skills.





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