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Building Your Tribe: Our Top 3 Must-Dos

You may have a winning idea on your hands or the ultimate business plan. You might be working harder than any of your competitors – but if you’re not surrounded by the right audience, you’re not going to get very far, even with exceptionally good marketing skills.  

Finding and connecting with your tribe will help you elevate your business to new heights. Here’s how you can determine if you’ve surrounded yourself with the right kind of tribe with our top three must-dos.


Why finding and building your audience is critical to your business success

Fact: As humans, we are programmed to fit in. We are social animals that possess certain behaviours which, in turn, help us gravitate toward a larger group.

An entrepreneur must also play the role of a marketer. Because once you have found your tribe, you need to know how to cleverly trigger the right responses. You need to master the art of understanding what drives your tribe members and what stops them. Taking a few social media courses along the way will certainly help.


Knowing your specific audience – Top 3 Must-dos

Understandably, not everyone has the marketing muscle of Apple or Microsoft, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn ways of getting to know your specific audience. And the knowledge you acquire will drive your entire marketing strategy – from product and promotion to pricing.


1. Know where to find them

What are the social channels that your audience is comfortable with? What are their needs, desires and pain points? What are you most knowledgeable about so that you can quickly identify with your audience? These questions will help you find your target audience.

Furthermore, you need to define your niche. In terms of your offerings, what are people passionate about? Define this and then bring your best marketing game to the table. Also, you need to learn digital marketing to better understand how social media can help you identify your tribe.

You should also define in clear terms so as to what you want and/or expect from your audience. Do you simply want them to buy your flagship products or also share your newsletter across social media? What is the one aspect that you wish to change about their behaviour? All these questions will help you define your tribe on a more profound level.


2. Engage with them

When it comes to engaging your tribe, one of the most undervalued factors is “listening”. Once you have defined your tribe’s basic demographics, move on to psychographic. Listen and learn – what their hobbies and passions are, or what makes them tick. Learn about their favourite social media channels or what TV shows they love watching.

Get social, engage them and interact them. Tribes love a business that is open and “talks” to them on a regular basis.


3. Be positive

This essentially refers to one thing: give first before you expect anything in return. Post regularly to tag your tribe and thank them for being a part of your business. Tag them in your photos so that they feel like a part of your journey. Organise giveaways and learn to forge strategic alliances.

In the meantime, check out our social media training courses and marketing courses to further your marketing skills.




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