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Fabulous Infographics About Starting An Online Business


Infographics are a great way to grab attention. It’s one thing reading endless pages of information on businesses, finances and entrepreneurship but depending on our learning style, for many of us, it’s much better to absorb that information in a creative, visual way.

Infographics are a great creative and visual way to absorb facts, data and information. There are some great ones on starting an online business. Here are some fabulous infographics that we have discovered recently:


1. Daily Infographic - Overcome fear of starting a new business

Daily Infographic have this infographic created in partnership with UPS which we think is great for newbies - all about the fears people have when starting a new business and some handy tips for the start up process, including having a business mentor to help with decision making. What fears do you have? Look at the stats, does it make you feel less alone and overwhelmed. We hope so. You can do this!


2. Visual Capitalist - 5 best online business types

Visual Capitalist have a great infographic explaining five different types of online business you can start up. The page goes on to explain that each one suits a different personality type; are you creative and want to sell your own products? Or maybe you could use your social media following to start affiliate marketing? This visual guide, whilst dated 2017, is still great at showing the different types of online business valid today, alongside some great facts.


3. 3D Cart - 7 steps to start selling online

3dCart have created a fantastic infographic that takes you through step by step how to start selling online. It goes through the decision making process of choosing what to sell, right through to marketing your products and online store. It is full of facts and information and is a really handy guide.




4. Business2Community - I want to start a business. How do I do it?

Business2Community have created a great infographic which goes over some questions you may have when you are considering starting your own business - no matter where you are in the world. 


5. Bit Rebels - 10 rules for a great Startup idea

Bit Rebels have a very handy infographic which shows ten rules you should follow to make sure you have a great start up idea for your business. Before you launch, do you tick all of the boxes on this list?


6. Entrepreneur - How to know when to start your own business

Entrepreneur have a little bit of a different infographic. This one is all about when is the best time to start your business. What made you decide to start a business and become an entrepreneur? Have you been debating on whether to take the plunge for a while? Maybe something on this infographic has happened to you lately. Don’t miss your window of opportunity! Get all the support you need in starting you business with our Business Coaching service. 



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