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The 6 Skills All Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Should Develop

Every e-commerce entrepreneur needs to learn so many varied and challenging skills to run their business. Never more so when you are starting an online business. However this doesn't mean that you have to do it all yourself, instead it is far better to be able to learn enough so that you understand the subjects but then quickly delegate it, so that you can continue to operate working ON your business, rather than IN your business.

Having a firm hand over all of the aspects of your ecommerce business will help you feel in control and ensure you better understand the changing market, learn about new trends and competitors strategies.  Here are our top 6 skills every e-commerce entrepreneur should develop:


 1. Ability to present to Investors

Presenting your project to a group of investors is a significant step towards securing an investment. Preparation here is the key.

Your presentation should not be too long, while at the same time packed with useful information. You would need to practice your presentation quite a few times to be able to pitch it clearly and concisely. Family, friends, and everyone willing to listen can give you feedback on your performance. Working on perfecting your speech isn't the only thing you have to dedicate your time on.

Put yourself in the investor's shoes and think which questions you would ask about the proposal. By doing this, you will look and sound prepared.


2. How to motivate people

To be a good entrepreneur also means that you need to be able to make decisions keeping the wellbeing of your team in mind. Business owners who know how to maintain a pleasant work environment are much more likely to keep everyone motivated and focused.

Appreciating their time and hard work put into achieving the goals is a good start towards creating relationships based on mutual interests. Being open to feedback and taking steps towards improving the situation will show that you care. At the same time stick to honesty and integrity in all your do, because that will attract the best of the industry to work with you.

Aim towards building a high achieving team that will be rewarded not only with bonuses but with celebrations of success and networking.


3. How to delegate

Many business owners tend to think that they can achieve everything themselves while neglecting the fact that they need a break too. Learning to delegate your responsibilities to others can help grow your online business faster.

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to be able to bring responsible decisions with a clear head, and this is when the delegation of tasks comes handy. Finding the right people to help you do that is crucial. Whether you need to hire in-house staff or outsource part of your responsibilities to different professionals – the outcome might positively surprise you.


4. Knowing your numbers

Mastering accounting and finance is another step into the direction of improving your performance as a small business owner.

This areas of the business require hands-on dedication because the cost of financial mismanagement can be pretty steep. Keep your eyes on your cash and learn to read your numbers. Take a business training course if you need to but don’t shy aware from getting to grips with your business maths.

We offers courses designed especially for non-financial people to help even a novice entrepreneur become skilled in business numbers.  Read more about our Finance for non financial mamagers course


5. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the best and by far cheapest solutions to promote your business to a wide audience. Taking advantage of the biggest search engine on the planet, you can custom tailor ads to fit precisely your niche.

Online campaigns might be tricky to handle because they require learning not only the underlying logic behind them but staying up to date with the recent changes.

With our Google Adwords training workshop, you will get confident in Adwords basics and be ready to tackle all the new algorithm updates with ease.  


6. Marketing essentials

Having a clear marketing strategy and understanding exactly who your ideal customer should be, is essential to success for all e-commerce entrepreneurs.  To carefully target your online customers and craft a marketing message that really resonates with them, takes time to plan and get it right.

Arm yourself with the basic digital marketing skills, get a good understanding of the role of social media in your business and ensure you have a clear marketing strategy in place. 


e-commerce entrepreneurs have to become experts at juggling a whole host of skills but by focusing on these top 6, you will quickly find your way to accelerating your business success.



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