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Where Will Business Training Be 1 Year From Now?

Today not that many people are willing to spend big chunks of their day listening to boring lessons designed to include general topics - this type of training simply lacks focus and fails to cover the individuals needs. Employees appreciate their time and look for more advanced methods of business training that will sum up the needed knowledge in useful, short lessons.

It is never too early to look for the best business training available for your team - online training that will save money and make the best use of time resources in your company. Putting a priority on the training needs of your organisation, along with those of your employees is going to create a win-win situation and ultimately increase growth of your company.

To help you discover the latest trends in the field of business training, we have compiled a list of four top topics that share our view on where business training will be 1 year from now...


#1 Embracing the use of technology 

Advances in technology, it's availability and its mobility, help users all around the globe learn on the go. Years ago the thought of someone staring at their tiny screen was absurd but we are way past that point - now it's quite the norm.  Just have a quick glance around any commuter train today.  Embrace the technology and the benefits that come with having all the information you need, right on your fingertips.

Online learning is mostly done from smartphones or tablets and for good reason. Time is money, so why waste it when you could learn something invaluable instead?    


#2 Focused on soft/interpersonal skills 

Soft skills are becoming equally as important as technical skills. Employees are people with emotions who besides work have personal interests that make them the people they are. Implementing soft skills training will help your managers learn how to approach their team members in a better way.


#3 Flexible to fit with new and emerging working patterns

Business training will become more flexible than ever. In the past, people worked on a fixed time basis, often at a fixed location and didn't strive to learn more than the required...but today that has changed.

Today and in the future people will continue to have busy personal and work lives that dictate their time. The next generation leading the workforce in the market do not compromise their happiness to fit in a particular job requirement.

Therefore companies are the ones that must adapt to these changes. The most flexible solution is the online training session.


#4 Bespoke and tailored to your needs

One of the best things about emerging new technologies is instant access to unlimited information and knowledge. However, this much information is hard to process when you have limited time for researching and checking credibility of sources. This is where bespoke, online training courses, come in play. 

It's curated training content. Designed for you.

Experts from your business industry share their skills and knowledge in bite-sized chunks of information. Business training that is tailored to your employees' needs is digestible and it's the future. 


Online training courses are the ideal solution.  They can effectively combine time and resources into working sessions which target the business skills you need to develop. E-learning is a tool that will open doors to career growth too. When business learning is completed via an online training academy, these courses are genuinely the most convenient, one-size-fits-all option and most importantly of all - it's future ready.



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