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The JumpStart EcommerceTM Series: Online Courses

Our series of online courses are designed specifically for entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business and gain new skills. Learn via structured e-learning tools and business coaching.

About The JumpStart EcommerceTM Series

" For ambitious entrepreneurs starting a business online.  You need help with the journey. You want to learn from experts who have really been there and done it..."

The JumpStart EcommerceTM Series of Courses was designed to help entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business online.   Many of the business owners we help are either start-up digital businesses or established business owners and entrepreneurs who want to embrace e-commerce and selling online for the first time.

Recently launched is our very latest online ecommerce course: 8 Weeks To Map Your Ecommerce Plan with fresh content and up to date insight for this year - proving incredibly popular already!

We developed the JumpStart EcommerceTM Series so that we could share our deep knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

  • Ambition and goal setting
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Understanding your customer and why they buy
  • Creating great content, delivering effective ads and link building.
  • Operations -  specifically picking, packing, and shipping your product
  • Your brand and what makes you different?
  • Platform choice,  the scalability and ease of use
  • How to embrace social media
  • Overcoming customer objections, why wouldn't they buy from you?
  • Incentives and offers that work for an e-commerce business
  • Building your Tribe - the importance of relentless list building and "followship"
  • Online partnerships, affiliates and collaborations
  • Accessing finance to fund your business
  • Planning and rapidly scaling your e-commerce business ventures.


Our Online Ecommerce Course Structure

Each of our ecommerce online courses breaks down into a series of lessons.  This means that you learn online in bite sized chunks, making our online courses easy to use, easy to digest and easy to implement in your business.

Each lesson featured within our online ecommerce courses includes worksheets, videos and activities to help you learn and test your knowledge.

At the end of each lesson within your online course, you are able to mark that lesson as complete and you come back to it at any point in time in the future for reference.

All of our training and business courses include access to additional resources and downloadable training materials which are provided within our dedicated online course lesson area.


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